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Track clicks. Add Calls-to-Action. Drive Revenue.

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JumpLinks are Your Opportunity to Engage Your Audience

Podcasting is a passive medium. Listeners choose their platform and when they listen. Podcasters can use JumpLinks to track clicks, deliver a timely call to action, and drive more revenue.

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Easily Track Clicks

We keep track of how many times a JumpLink has been clicked no matter which app your listener is using so you can know what content people enjoyed most.

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Add Calls to Action

Before a listener leaves your show notes, you can preesnt them with a call to action. Join a newsletter. Rate the show. Share with a friend. Learn more about a sponsor.

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Affiliate Links

Don't rely on vanity URLs or checkout codes to capture a sale from your sponsor. Use our affiliate links or add your own so you know your affiliate link is clicked.

How it works

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    Claim Your Podcast

    After you create your account, claim your podcast so only you can create jumplinks for your podcast.

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    Import Your Episodes

    We'll import your episodes and check your episode description to find all the links that can be turned into JumpLinks.

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    Update Your Descriptions

    We update the links in your description for jumplinks. Just copy/paste the new description into your podcast host platform like Buzzsprout, Simplecast, or Anchor - we also can do this for you.

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    Add Calls to Action & Affiliate Links

    JumpLinks show an interstitial landing page before taking your listener to the link. Setup a call to action or with a Pro account, add your own sponsor links. We also have a library of affiliate relationships you can use to simplify your life.

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    Track Clicks and Revenue in the Dashboard

    Use the dashboard to see how many clicks your links are getting and how much revenue your links are generating. We pay out affiliate revenue monthly.


More engagement with your audience and more ways to monetize.

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Quick and Easy Access to the links your favorite podcasters are sharing.

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Podcast advertising where you Pay-Per-Click and get top of the funnel analytics.

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JumpLinks can be the connection to your listeners.

Adopting JumpLink into your podcast is a process. You need to teach your listeners how to access them. But they can be the key to supercharging your engagement and audience interactions. Learn more about using JumpLink on our blog.