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Find Links Shared on Podcasts

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One Page for All Your Relevant Links

Sharing URLs on podcasts can be difficult. Listeners forget them and hosts stumble over reading them. Your JumpLink URL is the only link you need to tell your listeners for them to find ALL the links you need to share with them.

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Track Clicks

We keep track of how many times a JumpLink has been clicked so you can know what content people enjoyed most.

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Offer your sponsors a way to pay for traffic by selling clicks on your JumpLinks. Use them in your ad reads so your advertisers know your value and will pay you more.

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Organize Your Links

Put all your links in one place. From images to affiliate links, tell your listeners how to get to what you are talking about on your podcast.

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Find New Listeners

We help listeners find podcasts that are discussing the same content as you so they can find new podcasts. This is an opportunity for them to find your podcast.


More engagement with your audience and more ways to monetize.

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Quick and Easy Access to the links your favorite podcasters are sharing.

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Podcast advertising where you Pay-Per-Click and get top of the funnel analytics.

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JumpLinks can be the connection to your listeners.

Adopting JumpLink into your podcast is a process. You need to teach your listeners how to access them. But they can be the key to supercharging your engagement and audience interactions. Learn more about using JumpLink on our blog.