Pay Per Click - Pay for Performance

Paying for downloads can be difficult as an advertiser because download numbers can be misleading and it can be difficult to quantify the success of a campaign. This usually keeps your campaigns high-level or focused on awareness. JumpLinks offer you a way to pay only when people engage and visit your website. This makes it easier to judge the success of partnering with a podcast.

Track Inbound Traffic

When you know where traffic is coming from, you can track the movements of a visitor at the top of the funnel. Rather than sharing a PROMO code for use at checkout, you can monitor how much traffic arrives from that source. This allows you to gain insight into the effectiveness of your site or product and make further adjustments to increase conversions and sales.

Make Custom Landing Pages

Create custom landing pages for traffic coming from a podcast! This allows you to be more personal and fine-tune the messaging to a visitor who took action after listening to a podcast. You could make unique offerings based on location or offer specific calls to action on other things for example: on time-of-day. JumpLinks make your podcast ads MUCH more powerful and effective.