Your Favorite Podcasters talk about a lot of cool stuff. Now they can make it easier for you to follow along by sharing easy to remember JumpLink keywords that take you to exactly what they want you to see.


Access external links - No More URLs

URLs are built for computers; not for people. They aren’t always friendly or easy to remember. Is it “.com”, “.org”, “.io”?! Don’t even try and give people a backslash. Access external links from your podcasts using the JumpLink keyword the host uses during the show. Or, just follow the podcast and see a list of their recently created JumpLinks to easily go to the webpage.

No More “Finding it in the Shownotes”

Shownotes are great if you know where to look in your app or if your podcast host's producer remembers to include everything. JumpLinks help you listen no matter where you get your podcasts. You can watch them on YouTube, in a clip on Twitter, or one fo your favorite podcast apps. You'll always be able to get their external links when they share a JumpLink.

Stop Hunting for it on Google

You aren’t trying to do a deep dive research project to find the UFO picture they’re talking about on Rogan, or the smoking gun surveillance footage referenced on the latest True Crime saga you are enjoying. You just want to see what they are talking about! JumpLinks make this quick, easy and painless.